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About Us

Forever Home has been a dream of mine for some time but with two boys, I've tried to focus all my available time on them.  But, now that they've hit the teen years, I'm not always needed for the little things anymore, so I wanted to do something that would be fun, challenging and still have some flexibility.
I've always loved home goods and enjoyed the hunt for that special item that can change the look of a space, but you can only do that for yourself for so long, or so my husband says, so now I'll be on the hunt for you.  We want to provide a variety of home décor items and accessories, at reasonable prices, so you can make your space special too.
Our store is called Forever Home because of what "home" means to us.  There's just something about coming back home when you've been away or finding that place that you never want to leave.  We know this isn't our true "Forever Home" but until it's time for us to make that journey, I want to help you create a home that reflects the personalities and stories of those who live there.
Celisa, Haney, Noah & Jonah (Easter 2021)